vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Hello you!!!!

Welcome to my new blog. As a mother of three daughters, three, for me, is a party. A noisy and exhausting one, but yes, a party. Those three little girls of mine inspire me to sew, crochet and sometimes even knit. For them, for their friends, for other family members and, who knows...maybe even for you in the future.

I have been sewing, crocheting and knitting since I was a child, but it's only since I've had children (and simce they are out of their baby years and are granting me some sleep at night and uninterrupted evenings to craft) that I've started making so many things, and learned lots of new skills.

Yes, ofcourse there are those mornings when you've spent way too much of your evening trying to sew a skirt or shirt which you think is just really sooooo cute, and fancy and pretty and just the thing your kid ought to wear the next morning. And then, during that sometimes awful, stressful morning rush hour, your frustrated daughter shouts: "I don't want to wear that skirt/shirt/.....!" Those are the mornings when I think, "you know what, fine, I'm not making anything for you anymore. I'm just gonna spend my evenings on the couch, legs up  and with a good book". And then, it's 9 pm. again. The girls are all asleep again and I think, hmmmm how about sewing another skirt/shirt/dress....?

And yes, yes, yes there are also many mornings when they wake up, find what I made them and just love it and wear it. I guess that gives me enough reason to go on making stuff. But no longer just for them..........

Soon, on this blog, you will find posts and tutorials on the stuff I make, and you will be able to buy some of it in my upcoming Etsy-store.
If you find anything on this blog that you'd like me to make for you, just leave a message and I'll get back to you. Don't hessitate, pretty much is possible!

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  1. Succes met je nieuwe blog! Ik ben mee verhuisd!


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